Program Notes Travel Apps


The slides from the Travel Apps program are in a PDF, Travel Apps May 2017. The links to the websites should work.

Favorite Apps Program Notes

Marie Skane demonstrated how to explore the Apple App Store using categories, featured, and search. She also explained how to download apps as well as the difference between free apps and in-app purchases. Larry Skane demonstrated some of his favorite apps. Other users showed some of their favorites. The names and icons are listed below. Look for the icon as many apps have the same name. If it is a paid app, the price is indicated.

Marie also showed how to add a web page to the iPad or iPhone screen so it acts like an app. She described CHART (Coordinated Highways Action Response Team) that has traffic cameras, lane closures, and weather information. Marie brought up the feed from the traffic camera on I-695 near Wilkins to show how the traffic was flowing. One Look Dictionary was another web page that works on the home screen.


Program Notes Writing Apps

Writing apps title

Six writing and notetaking applications for iPads and iPhone were covered in the February meeting. The slides that were used can be viewed as a PDF or click on the image. The links are active for the tutorials for each application. A description and features of each are included in the presenter notes.

Program notes for January 19

iPad/iPhone Basics

The iPad/iPhone program covered iPad basics and refreshers. A PDF of the training I used is available at iPad Basics and Refresher Training.

The PDF is a teacher’s resource from the St. Paul School System in Minnesota. The first six pages of the thirteen pages were covered during the meeting.

Preview Features for MacOS

The second hour reviewed the features of Preview, the Apple app for image and text reading. The following links detailing a series of articles that are now available as a book were used as the basis for the program.  The articles were posted on Tidbits, a top rated site for Apple news. They are as follows:

February 25, 2016 – The Power of Preview: Pulling Files into Preview

March 13, 2016 – The Power of Preview: Viewing Images and PDFs

March 18, 2016 – The Power of Preview: Cropping and Resizing Images

April 2, 2016 – The Power of Preview: Annotating Documents and Images

April 25, 2016 – The Power of Preview: Advanced Editing Techniques

May 18, 2016 – The Power of Preview: Converting Images and Exporting PDFs

iOs and MacOS Features Program Notes

Download the iPhone and iPad iOS 10 Features program notes here.

Download the MacOS Sierra program notes here.

Program Notes September 2016

The meeting covered Privacy and Security settings for the iPhone and iPad. The program notes are as follows:

Safe Surfing for Seniors – Program Notes

Walt Howe and Hope Tillman offered an informative program on Safe Surfing for Seniors. The handout has the details of the talk. Doile Peters, Charlestown’s IT support person, came for the MacBook portion to talk about the Safari popup  that freezes the browser. The fix for that is included in the program notes.

Safe Surfing Handout

Hope and Walt

Hope Tillman and Walt Howe

Safe surfing slide

End of Presentation Slide









The Apple Charlestown User Group will take a summer vacation until September 15. We will poll members to see what topics should be included next fall.