Q & A plus Website Update

It’s time for more Questions and Answers at the April 19, 2018, session of the Charlestown User Group. We meet at 1:00 p.m. in Charlestown Square Classroom 116.

Hope Tillman, webmaster of the CCI Charlestown website will also be on hand to offer an update on new features and content on ccicharlestown.org. This is the Residents’ Council sponsored website.



Social Media Ambassador Handout

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Thanks, Sue Ellen Grove for helping members understand Facebook and the Erickson Living Social Media Ambassadors program. Check out the handout that was provided.    Ambassador FAQ

Erickson Living Social Media Guru Visits

March 15 meeting notice

February Program Notes

The informal sessions are very popular with many questions and hopefully, new learning takes place. We had discussion about tips for low vision users after the leader showed how to have the iPad speak the screen selection including the Kindle app.

Here are links to some of the topics.

iPad/iPhone Speak Selection

Low Visison on the iPad

iOS Apps Developed Specifically for Blind or Low Vision Users

YouTube search Low Vision on iPad 

Keyboard and Gestures on iOS

Marie Skane brought her teaching skills to the January meeting demonstrating gestures and the keyboard for iPads and iPhones. She shared her notes for the website.

Control keyboard settings: Click:  Settings, General, keyboard Turn on/off options such as spell-check, predictive text, etc.

Access an onscreen keyboard: single click in any search box, or “reply” in mail, or “message” and a keyboard will appear.

Keyboard Touches:

  1. Single tap: use to enter the primary symbol on the key
  2. Double tap: use on the up-arrow key to get “caps lock”
  3. Touch and hold, slide up: use to access accented letters or alternate characters. This is available for most of the vowel keys and some others, such as the zero key or the period key. Experiment to find out what’s there.
  4. Touch and flick down: use to enter numbers, punctuation, or symbols.

Other keyboards:

Tap the Number key 123 located on the bottom left to access a keyboard of numbers and punctuation.  To return to the alphabet, tap the ABC key on the bottom left.

Tap the Symbol key #+= located on the bottom  left to access other symbols.

Tap the keyboard key, located on the bottom right, to hide the onscreen keyboard. To move or split the keyboard, touch and hold the keyboard key, the slide up to choose your option.

Emoji: Tap the emoji key located on the bottom left. Once the emojis appear, swipe left or right to see more pages of emojis.

Shortcuts:  At the end of a sentence, you can double tap the space bar to enter a period and space. (Instead of typing the period followed by the space)

Learn about iOs Keyboard and Gestures

Q & A for Newbies and Novices

Since so many Apple iPad users want help with specific issues, the November meeting will be devoted to Q & A for all you Newbies and Novices. In fact, every other month we will do the same thing. Join us on November 16, 2017, in the Charlestown Square Classroom 116 from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.