Composition in Photography

Betty Caldwell, Charlestown resident and nature photographer, will be the speaker at the September 20 meeting of the Apple Charlestown User Group. Her work has been featured in juried exhibits at the National Wildlife Center in Laurel, the National Institutes of Health, and the Howard County Conservancy. Since moving to Charlestown, she has taken on a new endeavor, the program Meditative Moments, featured on Charlestown’s in-house TV station, Channel 972. Betty is starting a Photography interest group for anyone with a camera. The Photography Interest Group will be meeting during after the Apple group starting in October.


Summer Off


We are off for the summer until September 20, 2018.

Tech Talk America Program Notes

David A. Cox, the founder of Tech Talk America, was the speaker via FaceTime at the May 17 meeting. The streaming worked flawlessly. He brought a wealth of information as we scrambled to write down his tips and suggestions.

Here are some of his suggestions

Emergency Call: If you need to call 911 and you cannot access your phone with your hands, use the command Hey Siri, Call 911 on speakerphone. You do need to have Hey Siri activated under General>Siri & Search and hands-free activated. This command may have saved the life of the teen trapped by the seat in his van.

Medical ID: Create an emergency contact using the Health App and use it on the passcode screen if EMTs need to access your emergency contacts. Here is a How-To article.

Passwords: Always use a separate password for your email account. Cox detailed how hackers may get information from many accounts through easy to crack passwords. users are viewed as high risk since hackers know many seniors use AOL. He recommends 1Password and the video tutorial from his YouTube channel.

VPN (Virtual Private Networks): He thinks they are all scams because they do log your information and sell it even if they say they don’t.

Malwarebytes: He recommends the free Malwarebytes for removing adware and malware. The paid version will prevent adware. Stay away from MacKeeper which can create more problems. This is for MacOS computers.

Email Handling: can be used to tame your inbox by bundling emails and allowing you to unsubscribe. Caveat: was selling data to Uber last summer. Here is an article which explains the issue.

Apps and Websites to Consider:

  • Tunity (listen to audio on TV through headphones or Bluetooth speaker).
  • Gethuman (also get phone numbers for major companies that seem to bury the phone number.
  • TinyScanner
  • OneNote
  • – coupons for many major retailers and online stores.
  • B& – buy Apple products without sales tax to save a few dollars.


Questions: Are there other apps like photoshop?

Answer:  Pixalmator may be easier to use than Photoshop. Affinity also be easier to use than Photoshop

Spotify is his music streaming app of choice.

Question: What would be a good monitor to purchase?

Answer:  Samsung, Sony and LG are good. Check product recommendations on

David’s Projects

Thanks David for bringing your expertise to our Apple User Group.


Q & A Topics

The User Group covered a lot of ground during the last meeting. A key topic was understanding the difference between various passwords.

  • Passcode – to get into the iPhone or iPad
  • Apple ID – username and password needed to download APPS from the APP store
  • Email – separate username and password to access email

Password managers were suggested such as 1Password and Dashlane.


Q & A plus Website Update

It’s time for more Questions and Answers at the April 19, 2018, session of the Charlestown User Group. We meet at 1:00 p.m. in Charlestown Square Classroom 116.

Hope Tillman, webmaster of the CCI Charlestown website will also be on hand to offer an update on new features and content on This is the Residents’ Council sponsored website.


Social Media Ambassador Handout

Grove image

Thanks, Sue Ellen Grove for helping members understand Facebook and the Erickson Living Social Media Ambassadors program. Check out the handout that was provided.    Ambassador FAQ